About Us

All work on a daily basis in nephrology, and enjoy this specialty. Renal Med was launched at the conference of the British Renal Society at the Manchester Central Convention Complex on Wednesday 2nd May, 2012. It is non-profit making and has benefited from an educational grant from the Association of Renal Industries (ARI). Dr Matthew Graham-Brown had the orginal idea for the site Renal Med. 

Renal Med Blog was launched to provide information about kidney health that is useful to the general public. The information provided in the website does not intend to replace consultation with a medical professional or healthcare provider. The information provided on Renal Med Blog is generally available and accessible in various internet sources. We kindly encourage you to contact us at renalmedblog@mail.com if any conflict of copyright interest arises. 

We would welcome your feedback and ideas.


This website is dedicated to kidney disease patients and individuals who are interested in idney health. 

Our website does not host any form of advertisement.