Lesson of the Month

January 2019

Creatine Supplementation in Renal Disease

October 2017

When hypoxia is not hypoxia?

March 2016

Pseudo-refractory hyperparathyroidism – A Product of Poor Medication Adherence and an Indicator for further Patient Evaluation.

January 2016

Rhabdomyolysis- Causes, presentation, work up and treatment. 

December 2015

Contrast Induced-Acute Kidney Injury: Predictable and potentially avoidable


October 2015

A Common Complication of NSAIDS; Indomethacin Induced Hyperkalaemia

May 2015

Ectopic production of parathyroid hormone in a patient with CKD.


March 2015

Incorporating urinalysis and paraproteinaemia screening into the assessment of multi-organ disease: lessons from AL amyloidosis

January 2015

The Perils of Anticoagulation in a Chronic kidney Disease (CKD) 5 Patient 

December 2014

Probable NSAID Induced Nephrotic Syndrome: Minimal Change Disease