History Of Chronic Kidney Disease


Early 15C., from O.Fr. chronique, from L. chronicus, from Gk. khronikos "of time," from khronos "time." Vague disapproving sense is from association with diseases (a connection found since c1600)

Early 14C, of unknown origin, originally kidenere, perhaps a compound of O.E. cwið "womb" + ey "egg" in reference to the shape of the organ

Early 14C, "discomfort, inconvenience," from O.Fr. desaise "lack, want; discomfort, distress; trouble, misfortune; disease, sickness," from des- "without, away" +aise "ease". Sense of "sickness, illness" in English first recorded late 14C. The word still sometimes was used in its literal sense until early 17C