Patient Information

We recommend the patient information supplied by the National Kidney Federation, the British Kidney Patient Association, and Kidney Research UK including those indicated in the table below.

We would also like to highlight the website infoKID as a fantsatic place for the parents or carers of children, babies and young people with renal diseases to learn more about conditions that affect younger people. This site is also a great resource for clinicians wanting to signpost parents and carers to high quality, supporting information.

Information Origin
Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) BKPA leaflet
Anaemia and EPO BKPA leaflet
Angiogram (including Renal) Royal College of Radiology leaflet
Angioplasty (including Renal) Royal College of Radiology leaflet
AV Fistula - and Care Aintree Renal Unit leaflet
Bones, Calcium, Phosphate and PTH NKF leaflet
Choosing to Withdraw from Dialysis BKPA leaflet
Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) BKPA leaflet
Chronic Pyelonephritis and Reflux Nephropathy BKPA leaflet
Commonly Used Drugs 1 BKPA leaflet
Commonly Used Drugs 2 NKF leaflet (with links to further information)
Coping: How to Cope with Kidney Failure (and Choices) NKF leaflet
Deciding Not to Have Dialysis ('conservative' or 'supportive' therapy') BKPA leaflet
Depression in Kidney Patients BKPA leaflet
Diabetes and the Kidney BKPA leaflet
Diabetic Nephropathy Leicester Renal Unit leaflet
Dialysis Line (Central Venous Catheter) Insertion for Haemodialysis NKF leaflet
End-of-Life Care NKF leaflet
Financial Help for Patients 1 BKPA grant
Financial Help for Patients 2 Kidney Research UK grant
Frequently Asked Questions NKF leaflet
Focal and Segmental Nephrosclerosis (FSGS) Leicester Renal Unit leaflet
GFR and eGFR: Calculating Renal Function NKF leaflet
Glomerulonephritis BBC leaflet
Good Mouth Care NKF leaflet
Goodpasture's (anti-GBM) Disease EdRen leaflet
Haemodialysis (HD) BKPA leaflet
How is YOUR Renal Unit Doing? NKF leaflet
How to Keep Your Kidneys Healthy (and What Kidneys Do) BKPA leaflet
HUS and TTP EdRen leaflet
IgA Nephropathy 1 BKPA leaflet
IgA Nephropathy 2 Leicester Renal Unit leaflet
Kidney Biopsy BKPA leaflet
Kidney Cancer BKPA leaflet
Kidney Stones leaflet
Kidney Failure - What Choices do I Have? BKPA leaflet
Kidneys and Urinary Tract (Anatomy and What They Do) leaflet
Know Your Numbers - Dialysis NKF leaflet
Know Your Numbers - Transplant NKF leaflet
Low Salt Diet Aintree Renal Unit leaflet
Membranous Nephropathy EdRen leaflet
Minimal Change Nephropathy Leicester Rnal Unit leaflet
Nephrostomy Royal College of Radiology leaflet
Nephrotic Syndrome BKPA leaflet
NHS Dental Care for Renal Patients NKF leaflet
Normal Kidneys (Good Pictures) EdRen leaflet
Obstruction and Obstructive Nephropathy EdRen leaflet
Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) BKPA leaflet
Polycystic Kidney DIsease (PKD) BKPA leaflet
Potassium - Factsheet NKF leaflet
Pregnancy and Contraception EdRen leaflet
Prescription Charges in the UK - Can You Get Them For Free? NKF leaflet
Prostatism BBC leaflet
Questions to Ask the Doctor BKPA leaflet
Renal Bone Disease (Renal Osteodystrophy; CKD-MBD) BKPA leaflet
Renovascular Disease (ARVD) BKPA leaflet
Sex Problems and Kidney Failure NKF leaflet
Side Effects of Steroids NKF leaflet
SLE (lupus) Affecting the Kidney EdRen leaflet
Switching Medicines - the Dangers NKF leaflet
Transplantation BKPA leaflet
Transplant Biopsy NKF leaflet
Transplant: Donating a Kidney BKPA leaflet
Transplant: Receiving a Kidney BKPA leaflet
Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) - Cystitis and Pyelonephritis BKPA leaflet
Vasculitis Salford NHSFT leaflet
Kidney Disease Information Kidney Research UK - Health Information
Kidney Disease Fact Sheet - CKD and related conditions Kidney Research UK - CKD Fact Sheet
Kidney Disease Fact Sheets - Terms and Knowledge Kidney Research UK - Kidney Knowledge
Kidney Disease Fact Sheets - Treatment and Management Kidney Research UK - Treatment Options
Kidney Disease Fact Sheets - Healthy Living Kidney Research UK - Healthy Living
Kidney Disease Fact Sheets - Kidney Conditions Kidney Research UK - Kidney ConditionsIt


It should be noted that smoking cessation is of benefit to all, including those with kidney disease. For anyone wanting help and support with smoking cessation, information can be found on the freedom from smoking online website. Similarly anybody wanting to know more about the effects of smoking on children should visit the QuitDay website.