Calcium Salts

  • Hyperphosphataemia
  • Calcium supplementation
  • Phosphate-binding agent
  • Carbonate = Calcichew®, Adcal®, Cacit®
  • Acetate = Phosex®, Renacet®, PhosLo®
  • Hypercalcaemia
  • Monitor phosphate and calcium
  • Nausea, vomiting, hypercalcaemia
  • One to two tablets TDS adjusted to phosphate and calcium levels
Dose in renal impairment
  • Dose as in normal renal function
  • Can impair absorption of some drugs, eg oral iron and ciprofloxacin
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Patient comment
  • If taking as a phosphate binder, take the tablets 15 minutes before meals. If for calcium supplementation take at a time away from meals. Read the information leaflet with the tablets to find out if they need to be chewed, dissolved in water or swallowed whole. If in doubt see your pharmacist
  • Adhere to the dietary advice from the renal dietician. Phosphate binders only work if taken with foods containing phosphate
  • They should be taken with meals or snacks which include meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk or pulses. They should not be taken with meals or snacks which do not include phosphate, such as toast, jam or salad sandwiches, biscuits or fruit

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