Iron (Oral)

  • Iron deficiency anaemia
  • Ferrous sulphate 200 mg (60 mg iron)
  • Ferrous gluconate (35 mg)
  • Ferrous fumarate 210 mg (68 mg)
  • Haemochromatosis
  • Patients with hypersensitivity to any of the excipients
  • Exclude underlying cause of anaemia, eg chronic GI bleeding
  • Nausea, constipation or diarrhoea
  • Black stools
  • One tablet TDS
Dose in renal impairment
  • As in normal renal function
  • Reduced absorption of levothyroxine, ciprofloxacin, mycophenolate mofetil and calcium
  • Cholestyramine may reduce the absorption of iron. Ideally give doses at least two hours apart
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Patient comment
  • Take at a time away from food to get maximal absorption. If feel nauseous, take with food to reduce this symptom
  • May cause black stools
  • Overdose in children can be fatal
  • Take at least one to two hours away from calcium based phosphate binders, tea, coffee and milk

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