Risk Calculator

Accurate prediction of kidney transplant failure remains imperfect. A recent study by Borrows et al showed that data available 12 months post transplantation could usefully predict 5-year transplant failure. 

The calculator below can be used to accurately predict 5-year death censored renal transplant survival with variables at 1 year post transplantation. For full details on the development the calculator and the statistical models involved we would direct the reader to the published article.

5-year risk % death censored graft loss:

5-year risk % graft loss (including death with graft function):

Accepted input ranges are as follows
ACR: 0.1-1200 mg/mmol (please note units used)
Albumin: 10-60 g/L
eGFR: 5-120 ml/min (4-variable MDRD Study equation with IDMS-traceable creatinine)

Ethnicities other than White, South Asian, or Black) cannot be accounted for in the score, and therefore ethnicity should be entered as deemed appropriate based on clinical outcomes in that group